I have dedicated a page to list and review all of the books I regularly reference, as well as have an interest in learning about.

Below are my current favourite reads, some of which are not for the faint-hearted.


#1 – Secrets of The Lymphatic System – The Fountain of Youth is Within Us (Dr. Tapzyana B. Thomas)

This book was recommended to me when I was looking for some new books to get. When I first started reading this book, I was already open to the idea of reading about and learning about alternative ways of looking at health and wellness. Luckily for me I had done so, as this book is a fantastic read, provided you are ready to embrace all that it offers.

This book has the ability to shock you in almost every chapter. From discussing her own battles with severe illness, to her ways of dealing with it using a more holistic approach. Also, learning and reading about the 13 different types of water she describes in more detail, and how each one can play a different role in the human body and making it healthy.

The books main focus is on the lymphatic system and how to ensure it stays healthy and working how it was designed to. The author describes how each aspect of life can affect it, and what we can do in our daily lives to reverse any damage done, and let the body heal itself. The book answers a lot of questions we all have when it comes to disease and illness prevention, and in some chapters, boosting performance using natural methods.

Secrets of the lymphatic system







#2 – How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy (Paul Chek)

Another book that was referred to me almost the first day that I started working as a Personal Trainer. This book should be given to every single personal trainer when they walk into do their course. Paul Chek, although at times can be criticised for being “too much”, does know a lot about everything, so you can’t deny him that.

This book dives into all things health, and also takes a holistic approach. Paul talks about how if the right pathways are followed, then everyone should have no problem achieving optimal health. He lays out exactly what to do, by answering questionnaires where you will identify the problems in your lifestyle and diet; to then peeling back the layers on exercise and teaches you how to move properly again, to minimise risk, and maximise health, strength and function.

Another great read, but take your time, and do your best to absorb all that he writes about. This book is best read multiple times to ensure you don’t miss anything!

how to eat move and be healthy